Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is to sustain a distinguished regional economy by adopting continuous development of plans and policies with the co-operation of the private and public sectors.

Mission Statement

Develop a culture of excellence within Sharjah Ports to deliver professional, efficient and quality service with impeccable integrity and reliability while exceeding customer expectation and to be the chosen port of call in the UAE. Our endeavor is to develop the ideal administration for Sharjah Seaports to strengthen the economy and living standards in the region. 

Core Values

Excellence though innovation

We constantly strive to innovate on our service delivery to satisfy the customer.

Growth and Expansion

Port Operations are regularly experiencing an upward trend in terms of cargo volume, productivity, modernization of equipment and market reach on a global scale. Sharjah Ports play a vital role in the economy of the region.

Customer Centric Approach

All innovations are customer centric and brought in action to exceed customer satisfaction.

We see our customers as partners and work on creating a positive environment and offer an array of exceptional services to achieve a superior customer experience.

 Sharjah Seaports Authority offers operational port services in the following fields:

-          Controlling the movement of vessels arriving or leaving the ports within the Emirate of Sharjah.

-          Vessel pilotage services.

-          Loading and unloading of various cargo to/from vessels.

 To achieve its future plans and visions, the Sharjah Seaports Authority has the following commitments:

-          To build up effective organizational system which is fully able to deal with available data and can avoid problems in due time and sustain operations.

-          To provide high quality services that can fulfill the needs of customers.

-           To improve the skills of the employees through training and incentives.

-          To improve the working environment for all employees and other related people to make it safe and healthy.

-          Apply all legal, local and Federal regulations and laws in addition to ISO9001, the International Standards for Quality Management Systems, ISO14001 international standard which specifies the requirements of an environmental management system and Safety and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system specification.

-          Preserving the environment through:

o   Controlling the factors affecting on the environment that may accompany different activities.

o   Practicing sustainable ways to preserve and exploit the natural resources.

o   Pollution control.

-          Provide, apply and review the objectives and policy of the quality management, environment, safety and occupational health which is announced and circulated to all departments of the Sharjah Seaports Authority.

-          This policy is highly supported by the senior management of the Sharjah Seaports Authority. This policy declaration will be available to all employees and other concerned authorities.


People are our greatest asset and we work as a team to pull together in one direction.

Business Incentives
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ports on both coasts of UAE helps to save valuable steaming time for mainline vessels.
  • V.I.P Scheme (Volume Incentive Plan) for high volume customers Shipping lines and traders.

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